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Hansol Technics has achieved steady growth along with Korea's industrial development through constant innovation and challenge.

Going forward, Hansol Technics will not settle for its current achievements and become a leading company in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution by realizing our vision of "Global Best Provider of Electrical Electronics solution".

Companies Three Goals

First, we will secure business permanency by strengthening the core competencies of our core businesses and continue to discover new businesses in promising areas to the rapidly changing market trends.

Second, we will strengthen our leadership in the market by securing differentiated technologies that transcend industry boundaries and leap forward as a global innovative company.

Finally, as a responsible member of society, Hansol Technics will become a company that contributes to the growth and development of all manking through contemplation and challenges for a better future.

We will continue to move forward with you towards the future.
Thank you.

CEO of Hansol Technics Yoo Kyungjoon