Why Hansol Technics?


Stable Long-Trem Partner

▶  Increased Evaluation Grade BBB -> BBB+ (2019)

     Hansol Technics maintains long-term business relationships with global top tier customers. Based on this, we have high financial status.


Provide Total Solution

▶  We have own development team of circuit, optics, wireless, and etc. (RND: 200 Personnel)

     Hansol Technics is based on core development capabilities required by various products. We are creating optimized results through self-development for customer requirements.


Specialist in Manufacturing

▶  Advanced “Smart Factory” through constant Innovation

- Hansol Technics is committed to ensuring the highest quality, stable and efficient production of various products. We are building the best manufacturing and production environment.

- Strong quality system and operates in-house reliability equipment.

- Able to produce self-manufactured production JIG, Test M/C and etc.

- Continuous improvement of production indicators through system and process innovation activities.